Posted by: mobilitycloud | February 21, 2012

Mobile Device Storage – We Take Six Devices for a Drive

The editors over at CRN take us on a “Test Drive” on some of the most popular and established Cloud Storage services that work with mobile devices including Box.Net, DropBox, Evernote, iCloud, SkyDrive and Ubuntu One, each with a varying rating scale ranging from 5 points to 8 points (1-10 scale) based on the performance and functionality. Where these services start to “blur” the mobile concept is not only do they work with iPads, Androids, Windows Phones, Blackberry’s and yes even the ill-fated webOS HP Touchpad, they also work with PC’s and Netbooks so you have access to your virtual library of documents, video’s, music and the like. The days of carrying an external hard drive or maybe even your USB Flash Drive may someday go the way of the fax machine so that your kids will ask you “Dad, what did a USB Flash Drive do?” as these storage services become more mature and provide additional layers of encryption and security that Enterprises or government agencies will require to integrate in our brave, new mobile world!

Cloud Storage On The Go

They’ve got tens of gigabytes of capacity. They can synchronize and back up your data. You can access them from tablets or smartphones. They are free, or they can cost $100 a year. As of now, there is no clear winner. As the market readies for a possible new Google Drive cloud-based storage offering by the search giant, a look at the existing services today shows a varying field with room for more competition.

Here, the CRN Test Center rates the various cloud storage services for mobile devices.


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