Posted by: mobilitycloud | February 17, 2012

SARCOM – Apple Enterprise Mobility Support

SARCOM – Apple Enterprise Mobility Support

In my extensive travels where I presented or met with clients for VAR’s about mobility services, what naturally comes up is the impact that the Apple iPhone and iPad have had on the consumer side of the house but very few companies have put Apple into their enterprise and thus try to do their best to support those services. I recently ran into a VAR, SARCOM, that finally seems to understand the Apple methodology and along with their support for enterprise on Windows (like we all do) as they are one of the few VAR’s that I have ever seen that have a complete Apple mobility practice.

The SARCOM offer is very intriguing as they look at mobility from a holistic point of view with their clients and consult with them on how best to utilize these types of services from a comprehensive analysis standpoint and taking it all the way through a deployment, process, integration, requirements, policy and mobile device management engagement. As part of this process, SARCOM will prepare a week-long iPad Deployment Workshop where companies would bring in each of their key department heads and operational leaders to prepare for a Proof of Concept to insure that mobility will fit the needs of your company. In addition they are a fully certified Apple Corporate Reseller so they can assist you with all of your networking needs, which again I have not seen very often in the marketplace.

In speaking with SARCOM’s Director of Apple Business Development, Wiley Corbett, he remarked that: “Apple has seen its iPad become a standard business tool. According to an IDG Connect survey, 51 percent of managers with iPads say they “always” use the device at work, and another 40 percent sometimes do. Seventy-nine percent of the respondents use the iPad for business when outside the office.”

I wanted to spotlight how SARCOM is approaching this still very new and growing segment of the market so that I could share this with my peers and followers as I think this is quite unique. I look forward to getting feedback on their approach to enterprise support for Apple and the rest of the mobile devices out there, so feel free to post your comments on the blog.

You can reach SARCOM by contacting Greg Dunning via email at or via their website at and get additional details on their offers or how they can assist you. Please also click below to get a copy of their PDF, SARCOM Apple Mobility for Enterprise.

Click to Download the PDF – SARCOM Apple Mobility for Enterprise


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