Posted by: mobilitycloud | February 15, 2012

Stolen laptop can cost you $49,000

The Kensington Computer Products Group produced the following information on lost or stolen laptops, tablets and smartphones with some pretty shocking quantifications for those of you not paying attention to your critical data. They analyzed the cost of a device loss and subsequent data breach to your company which includes downtime, support and management time which amounts to about $49K for a loss of a single laptop! This report also showed that the costs for a single data breach since 2005 alone have risen from $3.3M to a whopping $7.2M in 2010. Knowing that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds and that 78% of Enterprises plan on having tablets deployed in 2013, what are your plans to secure the myriad of devices that haven’t even been introduced yet? Remember that these devices contain Contact Information, E-mails, Credentials, Security Codes, Business Apps and even Mobile Payment Apps that all exposed if you haven’t put even the most basic security policies in place.

Please click on the link below to download the PDF from Kensington to review the facts and determine what your Mobile Security Strategy will be before you have to explain to your boss why all your corporate intellectual property just drove away in a cab! 

Stolen laptop can cost you $49,000

February 14, 2012 — 10:45pm ET | By

A laptop is stolen about every 53 seconds, and the average cost of the loss totals $49,000, according to Kensington Computer Products Group. Replacing the devices amounts to just 3 percent of that cost, while myriad data loss-related expenses amount to 80 percent, the company claimed in a recent blog post.

The Kensington post illustrates recent trends in device loss and theft via an infographic. One-tenth of all laptops are stolen or lost over the course of their life. More than half of all stolen laptops are taken from the workplace, while approximately one-fourth are stolen at conferences.  The education, research, health and pharmaceutical sectors are most affected.

Smartphones, in contrast, mostly go missing outside of the workplace, Kensington found. Only 7 percent of them are ever recovered, and most don’t have mobile security features activated.

Kensington recommends five best practices to protect mobile devices and the data they carry:

  • Implement a mobile security policy
  • Invest in physical security
  • Never leave devices logged into networks, email or websites
  • Encrypt all data and secure networks
  • Authenticate users and always know who has access

Download PDF – Cost of Stolen or Lost Laptops Tablets Smartphones


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