Posted by: mobilitycloud | February 13, 2012

Tablet Computing Reaching Autistic Kids?

I have been reading recently how iPads, tablets and PC’s have been able to help autistic children break down the barriers that basically locked them up in their private, frustrating and confined world which has now started to open up with the ease of touch screen technology. What we are starting to learn is that these children actually can demonstrate much higher levels of understanding than we originally thought but due to sensory or cognitive overload, appeared to us outsiders that they couldn’t comprehend basic skills. I’m attaching a few links to videos on how well some kids have been able to open up with the advent of this new technology including a 20/20 video of Carly Fleischmann, who is a remarkable young woman. Carly was also tagged with severe autism until about 11 years old when she started to type with one finger on a PC about “Hurt” and “Help”. Once her parents took notice of her skills, she has opened up on the topic of autism and how bright these children actually are and maybe, just maybe we have helped crack the code to reaching the autistic community with easy to use keyboards and touch screens. Let’s keep up this great opportunity to educate everyone, autistic and non-autistic alike, on how we can learn from each other!  

Network World Report Video – How the iPad Apps has helped one family’s autistic child,AAAAAEofxgI~,mZ1_-nOy0sgLgPv5TJ-7jZWKlVWinpW5&bclid=1363192037&bctid=1445302146001

ABC 20/20 Video by John Stossel on Carly Fleischmann

More on Carly Fleischmann



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