Posted by: mobilitycloud | January 16, 2012

Masters of Disaster – Jonathan and Rocco

One of the companies I’ve known about for some time, Connections for Business, a managed IT services company, has a couple of intriguing characters as the “face” of the organization that I want to feature in today’s blog. To clarify when I say characters I’m referring to their VP of Business Development, Jonathan Garber (The Master of Disaster) and his lovely daughter Rocco who are regular features in the video blogs that Connections distributes.

Jonathan, in addition to his role at Connections, is a Business Continuity Specialist who works with clients to insure that the information and applications that companies need to run their business are securely protected in the event of a disaster and in many cases the companies he works with utilize the highly resilient infrastructure from Connections to secure that data. This is the basis to what the industry calls Cloud Computing where servers and applications can be Virtualized and accessed from any type of device such as laptops, desktops, Thin Clients, Tablets and Smartphone’s or wherever your business requires you to work. Where Jonathan takes this to another level is by simplifying the ease in which this can be done for virtually any sized company. He includes his 7-year-old daughter Rocco, in a series of informative and entertaining videos. She is now known as “The World’s Youngest Corporate Video Blogger (so it says on her business card!). Rocco started presenting Safety Tips for Kids but has branched out to conducting interviews just like her dad. Each video ends with the tag line “What would you do if Godzilla stepped on your business”?

In speaking recently with Jonathan he remarked about how successful their combined blog has been. “Thousands of people have watched our blog around the world. Video is the business medium of tomorrow and we are doing it today. Our audience wants rich content they can access from tablets or multitask by listening to our message with working on other things. Our motto is to ‘lead with value’. Sometimes this is simplified insights into complex technology or Business Continuity, other times the value is simply a mid-week laugh.”

What makes this intriguing to me is that Connections takes several pretty complex technologies and can boil it down into something that will help companies protect themselves in the event of a disaster without having to worry about all the nuances to making this happen as Jonathan and his certified team will handle the rest. In many cases they can also drive out a great deal of the cost of companies doing these tasks themselves which also makes this a compelling business scenario in today’s economic times.

You can reach Connections for Business at or their blog at and get additional details on their products and services or how they can assist you. Remember their tag line, “What would you do if Godzilla landed on your business?”



  1. Great write up on Jonathan and his daughter! Pitty you didn’t include the photo of him in his super hero suit!


    • Ask and ye shall receive. Pictures supplied by Jonathan!


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