Posted by: mobilitycloud | December 27, 2011

Kids and Tablets

Like many of us, I had the pleasure of attending Christmas celebrations and in this case as soon as I walked in the door, I was attacked by two of my nieces who had received their Kindle Fire’s from Santa. As the resident family “Geek” and guru of tablets, I was challenged with helping Kayleigh (age 9) and Sarah (age 7) configure their new devices, which as you all would guess, I was delighted to do so. This was my first exposure to the Kindle Fire and in the few minutes that I had them (before they were swiped immediately from my hands) I must say that they worked as expected and offered a pretty delightful experience for the youngsters and old folks alike.

Once I got it configured to work with my Mobile Hotspot and registered them on Amazon as well as Google, they were flying away on downloading as many “free” items (their parents warned them that free is all they will get) so they both put a collection of Angry Birds, Solitaire, Books and Screensavers on the device for the trip back home that day to keep them busy (or as we say, quiet) during the drive. All in all these made quite an impression on everyone who got to play with them and certainly from my perspective where I see the value of putting this into kids hands with the proper supervision makes a ton of sense to get kids interacting with this new technology so they can learn and certainly play during their “down” time.

Special thanks to Kayleigh and Sarah for letting me play for a few minutes and Happy Holidays to All!


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