Posted by: mobilitycloud | December 15, 2011

FAA Allows Pilots to Use iPad’s Gate-to-Gate

Just 3 weeks ago I posted a blog here about passengers (us including you Alec Baldwin) having to turn off our devices in airplanes and I, like a lot of us questioned as to what our cellphones, tablets, music players, E-Readers etc. had to actually do with the so-called risk to the performance of the plane. Well an even more astonishingly bold decision was reached recently that would allow the pilot of his aircraft to use his iPad so he can access vital information through the use of the device as opposed to having to carry 40 lbs. of paper, which as the interviewer tells us in this clip, can save the airlines approximately $500,000 in fuel costs annually. I can’t validate the ROI on that particular number but I can tell you that this is an hypocrisy at the highest level as for all these years we have been told that these electronic devices could potentially interfere with the aircraft’s GPS, but even this CNN piece discusses that fact that airplanes don’t actually use GPS, so what is the whole point? It’s time to put this whole device fallacy to bed one way or the other and have the FAA show us how using these devices will cause harm to the plane, however that does not exclude Alec Baldwin, who should be relegated to using buses and trains for 10 years for simply being a jerk to the folks doing their jobs at AA.

CNN Video:


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