Posted by: mobilitycloud | December 13, 2011

Revisit Our Recent Past – 10 Hilarious Vintage Cellphone Commercials

I’m revisiting my post from last week where I posted merely 3 vintage cellphone commercials, which gives us a glimpse of our recent past of maybe 10-15 years ago and how advertisers thought “transmobile” or cellular radio phones were going to change the way we communicated. This time we are using the original 3 from last week plus 7 others that also tickled my fancy as the feedback I received from you all said to keep ’em coming, enjoy!

10 Hilarious Vintage Cellphone Commercials [VIDEOS]

April 03, 2011 by

If you remember the days when having a “transportable” telephone meant you had to carry around a powerpack the size of a beer cooler, then this collection of videos is going to send you down memory lane.

For anyone who doesn’t recall those golden years, this gallery is a fascinating insight into the cellphone technology of yesteryear. Commercials are like windows onto a society’s cultural mores. Here you can catch a glimpse of what was aspirational at the time.

Prepare yourself for some seriously retro tech, some cheesy commercial toons and some just plain awful hair and click through the gallery. Let us know in the comments below which ads are your favorites.


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