Posted by: mobilitycloud | December 9, 2011

First Cellphone Commercials

I had a lot of good feedback from yesterday’s “History of Smartphones” post so I decided to take it down another notch to look at some of the original Cellphone commercials that we first saw years and years ago. Again those of you who are “Pre-InternetBoomers, keep the laughter to a minimum but these clips do show cellphones that only made and received calls and yes we were light-years (really about 5-10 years) away from having such perks at multi-colored screens, larger displays, e-mail, web, GPS etc. What these commercials don’t talk about however are what the costs used to be on cellular, which if I remember right ran close to $.50-$1.00 a minute, which explains why a lot of us didn’t take immediate hold of this “new” technology, boy things have sure changed for the better.

Enjoy these clips:

1989 – Centel – first cell phone ad!

Retro Commercial – Radio Shack Cell Phones – 1990

Early Motorola Flip Phone commercial


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