Posted by: mobilitycloud | November 24, 2011

Top 10 IT Turkeys of 2011 – I was part of #1 !

Network World recently published their “Top 10 IT Turkeys of 2011″ and in most cases we all strive to be at the top of our professions, but in this particular case being at the top of this list doesn’t exactly provide the recognition one would want. Amongst the other 9 picks featuring the Cisco Flip Camera,, Steve Jobs “mock” turtleneck ad, Mobile Madness and BlackBerry slipping is HP taking the #1 slot for “yanking it (TouchPad) a month after shipping” along with pulling back their PSG group and then replacing the CEO. Being part of the HP webOS/TouchPad team will certainly go down as one of the more interesting spots in my career and who knows, will be able to laugh about being the Top Turkey way back in 2011, but I’m still thankful for being part of that group that had a whole host of great folks who strived to make a dent in tablet/smartphone market until we were closed down by HP. For those of you who are not sure what to be thankful for on this holiday, just use me as your “Posterboy” for things that didn’t go as expected and hopefully this gives you a little sparkle on Thanksgiving to say, “at least I wasn’t in the middle of that debacle” and I hope Glen lands at a new job soon.

I want to thank all of you who have heard about my story and have tried to help me find a new sales job here in technology during a pretty lousy economy and wish you all a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

Network World Top 10 IT Turkeys of 2011 sideshow:


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