Posted by: mobilitycloud | September 28, 2011

Blueweb Mobile Media – Capture Your Audience

I recently ran across a company that takes web and mobile technologies and mixes it with the best of breed in marketing and comes out with a very interesting solution set for companies and communities looking to drive more exposure with walk-up traffic. Blueweb Mobile Media takes several tried and true technologies like WiFi and mobility and mixes it with their ability to market to visitors or guests that visit your location, which could be defined as an open WiFi Hotspot and delivers customized marketing campaigns to smartphones or tablets that could provide items such as on-the-spot coupons/ads, movies, ring tones, landing pages, opt-in SMS/Text Messaging, games along with the gamut of potential ways to reach/inform/entertain your audience as they visit your site. What makes this intriguing to me is that they take some pretty complex technologies and bundle it into something that will drive new potential business to companies without the store owner for example to have to worry about how all this works, all they need is the ability to work with those companies and they take care of the rest, including splitting proceeds of the revenue, which should ring into every businessman or community director’s head in economic times like this.

In speaking with Blueweb’s Chief Sales Officer, Dave Daucanski, he remarked that: “Our intent is to provide a truly green advertising program while providing a free much needed service for downtowns and their residents and visitors.  We believe this concept can and will change the world!”

Based on the results of several South Florida pilots with some pretty big venues like the Miami Beach/Palm Beach Convention Centers, Bank Atlantic Center/Florida Panthers and very recently the City of Delray Beach/Delray Beach Tennis Center, it seems like they are on their way. Again I think the way Blueweb is approaching this is quite unique and I wanted to spotlight how they are mixing in the technology with marketing to come out with a very slick product that I wanted to share with my contemporaries.

You can reach Blueweb at and get additional details on their offers or how they can assist you.


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