Posted by: mobilitycloud | September 9, 2011

Star Studded SFTA Event – 30 Years of South Florida Innovations

*** Video of SFTA Event now available at ***

The SFTA would like to thank those who attended Tech Event of the Year in a jam-packed auditorium at the former IBM facility in Boca Raton. The audience was treated to the “Who’s Who” of Technologists who helped craft the vision of where we were 30 years ago and where they believe the future holds for us. In addition to the many people in the audience  who worked with these Tech’s at IBM, Motorola, Sensormatic, Apple, Citrix etc., our Star studded panel dazzled the audience with stories of how they helped start the technology revolution and helped put South Florida on the map with their innovative thinking:

John Scully – Former President and CEO of Apple and mentor of many companies who talked about how they competed at the beginning of the PC world including their revolutionary Super Bowl ad plus how they came up with the concept of Knowledge Navigator, a 1987 video showing an a pre-cursor to an iPad-like device that still holds the test of time in this video:

Ed Iacobucci – Founder of Citrix who took the vision he helped develop with IBM and OS2 and successfully compete against Microsoft

Mark Templeton – Current Citrix CEO who took them from a single-product company into the Virtual Computing world and helped craft this 2001 Virtual Workplace video that still resonates today with the forward thinking needed for the future:

Patty McHugh – Helped develop the PC at IBM and is considered the “Mother of the Motherboard”

Gary Wisgo – Led the engineering for the First Smartphone called Simon with IBM and BellSouth

Once again the list goes on and on with all the accomplishments and dignitaries that were featured at the event and look forward to posting videos soon for those that were unable to attend so keep an eye out on our site, and we’ll let you know when those are available.

I’m including a couple of pictures that I took from the event including one with Mark Templeton as a follow-up to the video I did with him last year at Citrix Synergy in the Sprint/Ford Truck, so it was great to catch up with him this evening.

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton and Glen Benjamin



  1. I was at this event. I was utterly amazing to be in the prescence of these individuals.


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