Posted by: mobilitycloud | September 1, 2011

Citrix Provides Unparalleled Native User Experience on Tablets and Smartphones

New features including Multi-Touch and Pinch and Zoom are now available on Citrix Receiver for those mobile users wanting a better experience on their smartphones and tablets, check it out!

Citrix Provides Unparalleled Native User Experience on Tablets and Smartphones

By Chris Fleck · Published August 24, 2011


Is it real or remote … who cares ? The enhancements included in XenDesktop 5.5 , XenApp 6.5 and HDX along with the Citrix Receiver for mobile devices has made the gap between a local native app experience and a remote hosted app even smaller. As long as there is a network connection available a mobile user can open and edit a document, or process a corporate workflow from where ever they are. Citrix Receiver incorporates the native features of each platform so things like multi-touch, zoom, pinch and gestures work just as native. Going well beyond the basic functions of alternative solutions, things like swiping through a powerpoint deck both ways… just works… Also a full screen touchpad feature is included which provides an offset magnified mouse pointer for making it easy to click on small features and links.
Most companies are now challenged with the high expectation of mobile users while dealing with security constraints and support of multiple mobile platforms. XenDesktop offers a safe alternative to expense native mobile development on multiple platforms.

Citrix provides apps like DocFinder and secure XenApp hosted email ( tech preview ) as well as guidance for companies looking to mobilize their applications safely and cost effectively.

For more information:

Whats new in XenDesktop 5.5 and XenApp 6.5

Secure Email for XenApp

Citrix Docfinder

Citrix AppViewer

Citrix Community Site for Mobile App Tips


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