Posted by: mobilitycloud | July 10, 2011

Tablet ownership continues to grow

My travels take me to Tampa, FL and Wilmington, NC this week as I get to present the HP TouchPad to several HP Partners and Resellers who are jumping on the bandwagon. Please enjoy the article below which talks about the overall growth of tablets and smartphones to increase road warriors productivity.

Tablet ownership continues to grow

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

More than a year into the modern era of tablet computing and the market for the mobile devices continues to grow, according to a new report from the Pew Internet Project. What started with the release of the iPad in April 2010 has mushroomed into one of the most important sectors of the mobile device market.

According to the research project’s latest figures, 8 percent of adults in the United States reported they owned a tablet in May of this year. That’s up from the 7 percent of Americans who owned a device in January and an increase of 3 percentage points from the Pew’s November 2010 report.

The enterprise sector, for example, has shown overwhelming enthusiasm for tablets. Companies across the globe are purchasing and integrating the device into their enterprise mobility program to increase the productivity of remote workers.

Tablets offer more computing power than smartphones with a larger screen and greater computing power, while also enjoying a similar level of portability.

So far, the cost of the devices has proven to be an inhibitor of their adoption. The hundreds of dollars for each device, not counting the additional costs of a wireless contract, is enough to give any business or IT manager reservations when it comes to managing corporate wireless spend.

However, experts agree that such problems can be avoided through the implementation of wireless expense management and mobile inventory systems. A well-rounded enterprise mobility platform will ensure devices are optimized for business use, while also keeping a close eye on the resources they consume.

Other results of the Pew research revealed that mobile phones are far and away the most popular gadget for U.S. adults. In May, 83 percent of respondents said they own a mobile phone. At 57 percent, a desktop computer was the next most popular answer, followed by laptop at 56 percent and digital video recorder at 52 percent.

Also, 3 percent of respondents own both an e-reader and a tablet, while 9 percent own an e-reader and not a tablet and 5 percent said vice versa.

A recent report published by technology news website Technorati outlined three reasons all companies should at least research the integration of tablets. The devices, according to the report, can help a company increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and aid in the generation of new revenue streams.


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