Posted by: mobilitycloud | June 26, 2011

Executives: Mobility will have greatest impact on a business

Executives: Mobility will have greatest impact on a business

Friday, June 17th, 2011

It would be difficult to find a business that isn’t planning for or has already begun focusing on mobility, cloud computing, social media or analytics. And while all are expected to positively impact the business in one way or another, just one stands out among the pack.

According to the recently released Digital Megatrends 2015: The Role of Technology in the New Normal Market report, enterprise mobility stands to provide the most benefits for adopters during the next four years. Conducted by Oxford Enterprise, the study revealed that nearly 60 percent of senior corporate executives polled believe that mobility programs offer their companies the greatest upside.

Unlike nearly a decade ago, when mobility first appeared set to take off, now is the time for companies to truly leverage smartphones and tablets.

“Equipped with dual-core processors, fast memory and storage, and surprisingly sharp displays, smartphones and tablets now outperform many PCs, especially when judged by performance per pound,” according to Eric Lai, a mobility expert with one of the report’s sponsor companies.

When deploying smartphones and tablets, companies are also advised to implement an enterprise mobility platform to control costs and govern the use of mobile devices.

“Enterprises are embracing them as a way to augment, and sometimes even replace, desktop and laptop PCs,” he continued.

The enthusiasm for mobility far outpaced that for the three runners up. Business intelligence and cloud computing were virtually tied at just less than 40 percent, while social media checked in at No. 4, as cited by about 30 percent of respondents.

Furthermore, executives believed that both mobility is essential today and that investment in mobile devices will focus on growing the business during the next four years. Both choices were cited by about 70 percent of respondents.

Below that, just under 70 percent of respondents said business models will be changed by mobile technology supporting employee productivity.

A recent CIO magazine report also predicted that enterprise mobility will define enterprise IT for the foreseeable future. Going off a theory that a new technology grows from hype to mainstream about every 15 years, report author Gary Beach of CIO said the era of mobility has dawned. It actually began about two years ago, and will be at the forefront for many companies during the next 13 years.


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