Posted by: mobilitycloud | May 30, 2011

Citrix Receiver and webOS Featured at Citrix Synergy in BYO Center

May 25, 2011

Enterprise, start your engines
As you’ve no doubt heard — and have perhaps even left a comment about on previous blog posts — the HP TouchPad is coming…soon. The TouchPad sports features that will appeal to consumers and business customers alike — built-in Beats Audio, touch-to-share, compatibility with Adobe Flash, and of course all the multitasking-Synergy-Just Type goodness that comes with the webOS territory.

We’ll have more to say about some of the consumer goodies you can look forward to…soon. (And for a peek ahead at how TouchPad could someday be the hub of your home electronics wonderland, here’s HP’s Phil McKinney offering one vision of the not-too-distant future.) Today, though, here’s a preview of just one of the ways TouchPad is going to help you get more done at work, faster and easier.

For starters, how does ready access to over 500,000 enterprise apps out of the gate sound? (It sounds something like this: “Whoaaaaaa!”) Thanks to the free Citrix Receiver — which should be available for TouchPad at launch — you’ll have free, secure, and easy access to a vast library of apps from your company’s IT data center.

Citrix Receiver and webOS are an ideal fit. For example, thanks to webOS’s multitasking capabilities, you can run multiple sessions simultaneously and work the same way on your mobile device that you are used to on a laptop with plenty of apps and documents open in multiple windows. Citrix Receiver also embraces touch-enabled applications. And Citrix’s “zero-touch” approach to managing scheduled downloads and updates is a perfect match for the automatic over-the-air updates offered by webOS. Developers who are familiar with the open philosophy of webOS that makes it easy to create apps for other platforms (and to bring apps to webOS from other platforms) will also appreciate the multi-platform, multi-device approach found with Citrix Receiver.

HP is the featured sponsor of the “BYO Pavilion” at Citrix’s Synergy event that kicks off today. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can check it out here. And if you’re not in the Bay Area, you can check it out here. And of course, if you want more info on that TouchPad you’ll be running Citrix Receiver on, you can check that out here.

Jon Zilber


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