Posted by: mobilitycloud | May 4, 2011

Media tablet explosion spells trouble for mobile operators

Media tablet explosion spells trouble for mobile operators

Gartner report dated April 16 ’11 states that the media tablet market in 2010 was 18M units/$10B. Hang on, here comes the spike… forward to 2015 and this market becomes 300M units/$80B. A whopping ~1600% increase in just 5 years! This is exciting news for consumers as it projects the maturity of the technology and the value of the applications that comes with it. Equally exciting for the tablet vendors, thus the mad rush to have their own version out to compete in this market.

But, all this spells trouble for the mobile operators who are still reeling from increasing use of smartphones for data intensive (especially streaming video & online gaming) applications ……. more data and more frequent use of such applications ….. on a network that was designed for short and infrequent calls. Just when they had the plans/budgets in place to manage the growth in usage of smartphone partly via CAPEX and party via tiered pricing; they are now faced with yet another challenge of establishing an infrastructure to deliver fast, scalable & secure services for the media tablets that will co-exist with the smartphones/notebooks. Using current network design methodology would mean 10 times as many base stations according to Sanford Bernstein research, something that is both cost and time prohibitive.

Citrix/NetScaler is well poised to play a significant role in the evolution of the mobile infrastructure by optimizing functions such as authentication, subscription enforcement, secure content delivery and connection multiplexing.

Stay tuned for more on this front in the near future.


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