Posted by: mobilitycloud | April 25, 2011

First Month on The Job with the New Blog!


I am now at the end of my first month on the job with Knowlity and I can certainly say that I have learned a tremendous amount of information about Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Citrix as well as how all of this applies to businesses from every shape, size and industry. I have had numerous meetings with clients who are in the finance/banking, medical/healthcare/hospital, education/university, state/local government, retail/restaurant, real estate, cruise line, law firm, hotel industries and the message of Virtual Desktop Integration resonates across all of these types of clients.  Also in almost every instance, the discussion of VDI working with Tablets/Smartphones/iPads/Thin Clients also becomes a significant value proposition by allowing users to securely access their Desktop and Enterprise Applications from anywhere and any device helps justify the migration over to this rapidly expanding technology.

As you can see I’m very excited to have made the career change over to Knowlity where I can take advantage of background with Citrix and leverage my expertise in mobility to help make this a winning combination. I’ll be attending Citrix Summit/Synergy May 23rd – 27th in San Francisco and hope to connect with many of my colleages and friends while I’m out there with the rest of the Knowlity Team. Please let me know what we can do to assist you or our client’s efforts in Virtualizing their infrastructure and also keep tuned to this blog as we will be announcing additional Citrix Lead Engineer opportunities very soon.

Best regards, Glen


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