Posted by: mobilitycloud | March 31, 2011

Microsoft thinks tablets will die out

By George Wong 03/30/2011, 12:10 pm PT

Redmond giant, Microsoft, has been reported as saying that tablets won’t be around for long. Apparently the closing gap between smartphones and laptops will be the death of tablets that are apparently only around to fill that gap for now. Funny words for the company to say, especially since their operating system, Windows 7, has been quite a popular choice of platform for non-Android tablets and their upcoming version of Windows has also been reported to be designed to be optimized for tablets. The worst part is, it won’t arrive until next year, and by then Microsoft would be late to the tablet game again, just like they are now with Windows Phone 7. Why would they release a tablet-friendly operating system to run on tablets if they don’t believe that tablets will stick around?



  1. Impotent saber-rattling. Apple alone is expected to sell 4 million units, selling as many as 57 million by 2015, according to ABI Research. The tablet is not going anywhere. Just last night I was wishing that I could work on a Word document from my couch without having to walk over to the PC. It’s the laptop industry that is going to relinquish market share to the tablet as improvements to the tablet O/S and increased cross-compatibility with desktop applications make it a substitute for laptops in the eyes of savvy consumers.


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