Posted by: mobilitycloud | March 29, 2011

Mobile Viewer Puts Your Mobile Life on Any Display

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posted by Chris Fleck


 The more you depend on your smartphone, and the more devices you interact with, the more desirable it will be to use any device with any display. Imagine sitting down at your desk at home or work and having your smartphone interface show up as a window on your PC or Mac, or automatically pop up to see who’s calling and answer it even though your phone ringer is off or out of reach. Anyone over 25 would probably appreciate having a full size keyboard to type SMS text messages instead of poking a little screen when a real keyboard is sitting right in front of them. With all the new mobile apps available and thousands more on the way, why keep them trapped on a single small device? Wouldn’t it be great to use any app from any device and display? Looking beyond monitors, every year the displays that get built into cars get bigger, but chances are the GPS app on your smartphone does a better job. Why not view your smartphone on your car computer display (with safety precautions). We already have Picture-in-Picture TV windows, why not a smartphone-Picture-in-Picture TV.

We have seen a taste of this functionality on specific hardware and it makes me want more…

AirPlay streaming pictures from my iPhone to Apple TV, the Motorola ATRIX mobile view of the phone within Webtop, the Celio REDFLY viewer, the HP TouchPad tablet viewing texts from a Palm Pre phone, plus various VNC viewers running on rooted phones. A recent fake video garnered over 2 million views of a phone display taking over the huge displays at Times Square. I think people will want this capability for real… but without the unique hardware and limitations.

What are the obstacles?

–     Multi-platform support across different smartphone and desktop operating systems.
–     Interface and gesture interaction across app platforms including touch, mouse and keyboard.
–     Low latency performance over wired and wireless networks.
–     Mobile OS limitations requiring device and carrier vendors to preload OS modifications.
–     Pervasive client software on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. (and cars & trucks…)

It turns out that the obstacles to making a great Mobile Viewer a reality are many of the same issues that Citrix has been addressing with Receiver for years. This makes us well equipped to enable a future state when Citrix Receiver not only gives you access to desktops in the cloud, but also the smartphone in your pocket.

Is this something you could use? Let us know.


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