Posted by: mobilitycloud | March 24, 2011

Return from CTIA

Just got back from 2 days in Orlando attending CTIA for the first time, boy what a terrific event! My head is still spinning, eyes are bulging and most importantly my feet are still killing me but had a great time seeing the future of communications, wireless and otherwise. Besides all the niche oriented players in the gear/infrastructure/hardware/accessory space, I saw great strides in the cloud/application and device manufacturer sector that makes me feel excited to be a part of this exploding industry. In 2 days I was barely able to cover the entire exhibit hall but still took the time to see tremendous devices from smartphones to tablets with some even having 3D effects WITHOUT SPECIAL GLASSES from folks like HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Kyrocera, Windows Phone amongst others who were at the event. Jim Cramer from CNBC kicked off the event Tuesday with a panel discussion with the CEO’s from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint and focused on the challenges with Mobile Broadband/4G as well as the big announcement of the AT&T/T-Mobile meger and how that will impact us all. I also got to work on my passion for Citrix showing off Receiver on tablets/smartphones at the HTC/Motorola/Samsung booths which was terrific as well.

I’ll be adding clips and other notes from CTIA over the coming days, feel free to add your own comments or suggestions as I start to move this “Mobility Cloud” blog forward.

TX! Glen


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