As a reminder, on Thursday December 8th, ITPalooza returns to South Florida for its 5th Annual Event to be held at the Signature Grand with a bigger and better roster of presenters and participants than ever before. For those not aware, ITPalooza is an annual gathering of South Florida’s nonprofit Technology User Groups (tech groups). Anticipating more than 2,000 registrants, 25 speakers, 100 sponsors and  tech groups from across South Florida. The 5th Annual ITPalooza is primed to deliver unbelievable value to the South Florida Tech community. I’m a Board Member of the South Florida Technology Alliance, who is helping manage ITPalooza, which has raised over $150,000 in total donations and cash since 2012.

I have attached a link at the bottom of this message, which is a flyer calling for sponsorships and there are slots still available, so please contact me at so that we can insure that you are represented at the event. More information is available at and we look forward to seeing you on December 8th!




Download ITPalooza 2016 Sponsorship Flyer at Link Below:



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DirecLogix – Rolling in the Recognition!

The entire Team at DirecLogix is very proud to have received a great deal of industry recognition over the past few months, entirely due to the hard work and efforts from each of us to ensure that we meet and exceed our client’s expectations on each and every interaction. Our role is not only to understand what the client’s requirements are for a technology project, but more importantly, understand what the expected business outcome is and how that translates into what goals or initiatives this will solve and ultimately help to insure that our client is satisfied with the delivery and performance of our Team.

In case you weren’t aware, these are some of the awards or recognition that have been given to DirecLogix and I can assure you that we don’t take these acknowledgements very lightly and appreciate the gestures from these organizations, including the Vendor Ranking from Citrix at the bottom of the page:


  • DirecLogix makes Inc. 5000 with Highest Ranking to DateInc. magazine ranked DirecLogix as #1192 on its 35th annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, and the highest ranking DirecLogix has attained to date. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment— its independent small businesses. More Information available at:


  • DirecLogix Achieves GrowFL “Watch” List – DirecLogix is among 50 statewide companies expected to see significant growth over the next several years. DirecLogix was selected from more than 500 nominees for Florida Companies to WatchSM, a statewide program managed by economic development group GrowFL, in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation. More information available at:


  • DirecLogix Presented with University of Florida Gator100 Award – The Gator100 honors the 100 fastest-growing, Gator-owned or Gator-led businesses in the world. The Gator100 serves not only as a setting where UF’s elite entrepreneurs can gather and share their talents and wisdom, but as an inspiration to fellow Gators to be a part of this exclusive group Gator entrepreneurs from over 500 companies worldwide were nominated. Of the 100 companies chosen, DirecLogix ranked # 34. More information available at:


  • DirecLogix Attains Microsoft Silver Level Competencies in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and Cloud Platform –DirecLogix is proud to announce that it attained its Silver level competency for both Microsoft’s Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions as well as  Microsoft Cloud Platform.As a Microsoft partner, DirecLogix has differentiated itself with this competency by demonstrating that they can successfully sell and deploy Microsoft Office 365 Cloud solutions.Microsfot Cloud Platform is designed for partners to help customers meet the growing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure. Try Office365 for a 30 Day Free Trial at this Link:


  • DirecLogix Makes the Citrix IT Vendor survey for 5th year – DirecLogix is proud to announce that for the 5th consecutive year, it has placed in the top 3 of the Citrix IT Vendor Survey. Each year Citrix compiles the results of their vendor evaluation survey of over 50 IT and service providers that they do business with. This distinction is particularly meaningful because it was bestowed by a customer, recognizing the dedication of the DirecLogix team to excellence in service and performance. DirecLogix was ranked in the IT Vendor Performance Evaluation as #1 Overall in 2015, #3 in 2014 and #2 in 2013 and in the Service Provider Category, Overall #1 for Years 2015, 2014 and 2013!

The entire Team at DirecLogix sincerely appreciates the accolades that we have received from our Vendor Partners, Industry Associations and most importantly, our clients and we look forward to serving your needs in the very near future. Feel free to find us at or contact with any inquiries you might have.


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Glen Benjamin – Synnex CLOUDSolv – 2016 Community Member

Just wanted to give the Synnex CLOUDSolv Team a big “Shout Out” for having me become a 2016 Community Member for their CLOUDSolv program. For those of you looking to move one or more of your applications to the “Cloud” by first sticking your toe in the water, feel free to reach out to me at and I’ll be glad to set up an assessment call to discuss your needs and requirements. Thanks Again Synnex CLOUDSolv Team!


It is with great pride that we can finally announce that, after a very long and patient wait,  Paulie Gee’s will be opening tonight here in Miami!!! For those that don’t know that back story and #tbt moment, Paulie Gee is my cousin who like some of us, masqueraded as an IT Geek for many years until he was given a retirement package and had to ask himself the proverbial question, “What do I do next?”.  Well what Paulie did was follow his passion for cooking, entertaining and most importantly, making pizza and spent several years developing the ideas around creating his restaurant concept along with the ingredients for making the perfect pie.

Along the way he did Pizza Road Trips with his family to learn how other restaurants created their menus and cooked their foods and with loving nods to many other chefs, Paul Giannone (Paulie’s alter ego)  went down the path of creating “Paulie Gee’s” and the rest they say is history. In addition to his latest restaurant opening in Miami, Paulie Gee’s has locations in Greenpoint Brooklyn (the Mother Ship) as well as Baltimore/Hampden, Columbus OH/Short North, Chicago/Logan Square and a Slice Joint coming soon back in Brooklyn.

Paulie says that he  no longer “works” every day but instead puts his passion for pizza to the purpose of pleasing his guests with not only the best Wood Fire Baked Pizza that you can find, but also include an enjoyable environment for the entire family to sit back and grab a pie. Paulie Gee is an inspiration for many of us including his family as he made the transition from IT Geek to Pizza Geek and we wish him nothing but the best as he and his partners build a Paulie Gee’s hopefully near you soon!

One final thought, as I could certainly couldn’t include the entire Paulie Gee’s journey in a short blog like this, so I’m including several YouTube videos below that Paulie was featured in including his interview with Jane Pauley that done in conjunction with AARP and NBC’s Today Show about his Pizza Epiphany. Take note how “shy” Paulie is when talking about his mission and hopefully his message that will also be an inspiration so that you too can follow your dreams and do what you love and love what you do. Ciao Paulie!

Website: or

Twitter: @pauliegee


Paulie Gee YouTube Videos:

Jane Pauley with Paulie Gee on The Today Show – Your Life is Calling:

AARP – Life Reimagined:

A Family’s Secret Recipe:

For the Love of Pizza, food.curated, Paulie Gee’s:

Diary of a Foodie, Paulie Gee’s Pizza:

Paulie Gee’s Pizza Maker Interview at Pizza Expo:

Second Act, Paulie Gee’s:

Chef’s Night Out with Paulie Gee’s:

 Picture of Paulie Gee and Paulie Gee’s Miami

Paulie Gee Picture


As we talk to clients who are working with older IT infrastructure and are being challenged with moving their applications and meet the dynamic demands of Cloud (Private/Hybrid/Public), Big Data, Mobile and Social, this should be the webinar to attend. Red Hat will be presenting several tools including CloudForms, Ansible and Red Hat Management to help with modernizing core business applications, delivering self-service and optimizing Virtualized workloads, enabling business automation and Cloud. Please click on the link below to register or contact for any assistance. Thanks!

Maximize your Virtualization Investment with Red Hat Management

Date: Wednesday, September 28 2016
Time: 11 a.m. EDT / 8 a.m. PDT
Duration: 60 minutes

Link to Register:

You’ve made a significant investment in your on-premise VMware infrastructure, but your digital transformation objectives likely still haven’t been met. These objectives require a new way of thinking about IT management–that puts operations back in control of delivering on the demands of business. While tools alone cannot force the cultural change needed to achieve digital transformation, the right tools that empower participation from your entire operations team will help drive the cultural shift needed to solve real business problems.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why building to a process keeps your platform and infrastructure options open
  • How Red Hat Management solutions, including Ansible by Red Hat, Red Hat CloudForms and more, delivers value and promotes organizational change
  • Practical examples on how Red Hat Management will deliver benefits with your VMware infrastructure

Who should attend:

  • Business and technical leadership that are attempting to build agile IT based on VMware virtualization
  • IT Operations who are faced with accelerating service delivery using existing infrastructure platforms
  • IT Architects who are faced with building IT infrastructure spanning multiple hypervisors, private cloud, public cloud or containerized environments.rh_tiers_advanced_partner_rgb

 Read the Attached Red Hat White Paper – The CIO’s Alternatives, Link Below:

Red Hat White Paper – The CIO’s Alternative

Over the (way too short) Labor Day Weekend I ran across this series of AT&T Commercials from way back in 1993 that were showing off their predictions on what the future would look like in the not too distant future. These commercials fell under the sub-title of “You Will” and were voiced over by Tom Selleck (yes young folks he was popular that far back as well) and gave us glimpses of how AT&T would help deliver these technologies to us.

These clips showed us the wonderment of “Borrowing Books”, “Fax from the Beach”, “Not stopping for Directions”, “Paying Tolls”, “Purchasing Concert Tickets”, “Video Phone Booth”, “Opening Doors”, “Medical History in your Wallet”, “Selecting Movies from your Screen” and finally “Remote Meetings and Learning”. So my #tbt moment was that I worked for AT&T during this time frame and vividly recall this series of ads and also thought that this was not going to happen in my lifetime and of course now looking back just a handful of years ago as these are have been around fairly recently. My only question is did AT&T actually bring these technologies to life, we’ll lets save that for another blog.

So now bringing this back to our current state of technologies and where we see things evolving quickly utilizing Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, IoT and how all of these platforms are changing our behavior right before our eyes, has anyone seen those nomads chasing Pokémon Go on their mobile devices? Virtual and Augmented Reality certainly can help us in the Gaming segment but also in medical environments where ‘Bots/Devices can assist with Remote Visits to patients that can’t obtain adequate healthcare and help practitioners diagnose and treat illnesses remotely.

Other applications include Smart Homes (yes a camera in my fridge is exactly what I want to see from my living room sofa), Drones that can take video from practically anywhere (forget the privacy implications) along with self-driving trucks, which has dramatic impact on the 14M commercial truckers on the road today. Again keep in mind that all of these advances come with a price as we still need to understand the security, privacy, data exposure and probably more importantly, the politics (yes this is an election year) of managing the multiple platforms being developed that IT will have to struggle to manage.

There is lots to understand so let me get a quick, shameless plug in for an event occurring very quickly that much of these topics will be presented (maybe not completely answering, but it’s a start) on December 8th in Ft. Lauderdale, ITPalooza ( Topics related to Cloud, Mobility, IoT and Me will be presented plus we will have the Who’s Who in technology at this event and we invite those who would like to attend to register at: and just as importantly, we are still looking for companies that want to sponsor the event so feel free to reach out to me at and I’ll be glad to assist. See you at ITPalooza!

 AT&T You Will Ads from 1993 – Amazingly Accurate Predictions – Videos Below

I’m very proud to announce that I have accepted a role as a Board Member with the South Florida Technology Alliance ( to help drive Memberships (both Corporate and Individual) as well as promote our flagship event, ITPalooza coming up December 8th. As a long-term South Florida resident and fellow Tech-Geek, I have been in the IT business for my entire adult life starting with what was once called the South Florida Telecom Forum way back in the day and has now morphed into ToE (Tech of Everything, I just made that up) so my goal is to help promote ToE here in South Florida.

Not only do we want to help promote Technology for South Florida in terms of bringing Tech companies into our area, but we also want to give back to the community by helping with the education of our youth as well as aligning companies to share with all the great talent that we have here in our area. Much more to follow in upcoming editions of my blog, so stay tuned.

So Job-1 right now is helping to drive memberships for SFTA as we need both Corporate Members that can help sponsor events as well as provide us speakers to deliver content to help educate and inform us plus the vast majority of you reading this message who would like to join as an Individual Member. Information is available at which lists out the options for memberships and what we have available.

Finally we have a tremendous event that we are hosting on Thursday December 8th simply called ITPalooza ( where we are featuring topics related to Cloud, IoT, Security and Me along with the Who’s Who of Technology Companies and Speakers to give us their view on current and upcoming Tech not only in South Florida but what is happening globally. Keep in mind that besides all this Tech Talk, ITPalooza will also be conducting a Hiring Fair plus there will be many networking opportunities while on-site, so please register today at as want you to attend.

That’s a lot to cover on my first official day with SFTA, so I’m looking forward to connecting with many of you over the following weeks and months and absolutely meeting you at ITPalooza, so let’s connect TODAY! Happy Friday All!



After attending several conferences and webinars over the past few weeks, it has now become obvious that technology is growing at rates far beyond what would have been imagined some 30+ years ago, except by James Cameron when he created the Terminator franchise along with the famous catch-phrase, “I’ll be BACK!”. It is astonishing as to how many different types of machines and devices are either in production or about to be released in the not too distant future. For those of you that aren’t as geeky as I am, here’s just a small list of devices and applications on the market plus what we are hearing about on a regular basis:

  • Robots (not Schwarzenegger look-a-likes) that are able to perform functions such as building homes (see links at the bottom of this blog), automated arms that can deliver drinks at a bar, hamburger/pizza makers and just about any automated task that we can think of today
  • Bots (software that can execute commands including via the Internet) including Siri, Cortana and the Echo all of these operate hands-free via mobile devices or devices laid out in the home
  • Self-Driving (Autonomous) Car and Trucks are definitely here and forgetting some of the safely concerns for just a minute, these are being utilized in farms to help pull crop and destroy weeds simultaneously, speeding up time to market many times over an over.
  • Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) which can take cameras and technology to places that we would never imagine, think of crowd control/law enforcement, life preservers, event recording and even crop dusting!
  • IoT (Internet of Things/Everything) where basically anything with power can have sensors/modems placed inside of the device to report information back to you or your company and either run business analytics or more likely, also include cameras (yes like in your refrigerator to see what’s in there instead of getting off the couch to look) to help improve our lives.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of other applications that are out there as I’m just picking off the top but all of this does come with a substantial downside and no I’m not talking about Cyberdyne Systems as portrayed in the Terminator series. What I’m referring to are two major issues that we have to start concerning ourselves with today:

  • Job Displacements as we deploy all of these “Bots” to conduct what a typical Task Worker performs, we have to be able to retrain those workers to perform different functions otherwise we are looking at major unemployment rate increases over the next 10+ years as these technologies evolve. This of course has huge implications to Taxes as those might have to be increased to cover the shortages in our workforce if we employ robots over humans (another Schwarzenegger reference squeezed in).
  • We also need to consider training our children and grandchildren on how these new technologies will be working for their families in the future as they need to be competent in Computer Programming or Coding, which many states are now offering as a Foreign Language so our students don’t fall behind the curve. See what Texas is doing specifically in this are here:

Obviously I used the Terminator references as a bit of “Tonge-in-Cheek” but at what point does this go overboard and have both positive and negative implications in our current and future lives? I welcome your comments by posting comments on this blog or at and as Arnold says so eloquently, “I’ll be BACK!”

I'll Be Back

Videos on Robotics Below

Boston Dynamic Video, Next Generation Robot:

Robot Bricklayer – Builds Homes in Two Days!:



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Being Proactive – Hit the Winning Ball Now


Go For It

“Go for it.” “Dig!” This was my high school volleyball coach yelling at us in practice. She always reminded us to Be Proactive. We shouldn’t wait for the ball to get to us before we move. We were to anticipate where it was going and move towards that area. She encouraged us to get in the right position in order to get to the ball first. Our volleyball team was not the best in the area. Frankly, we were dead last! But her lesson stuck with me over these years.

A few years later, I encountered this concept of “Be Proactive” again when I was introduced to Stephen’ Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. With this principle Covey encourages us to Be Proactive about the scripts that we use for our lives and take responsibility for them. He also encourages us to engage with others…

View original post 660 more words

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Peyton Manning Talks Goals & Tech at CompTIA Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the CompTIA/ChannelCon ( Event last week in South Florida and for a Football and Tech Geek, it offered the best of both worlds. First things first and let’s talk Football, which is right around the corner, finally!

One would have to be right when questioning why have Peyton Manning as your keynote speaker at a technology conference, well he certainly is not technical by any stretch but does bring a tremendous amount of competitive drive and focus on the will to win, which translates nicely in the competitive business world. Peyton spent quite a bit of time discussing his career from college to professional football and describing all the obstacles along the way, detailing how much he did to overcome his serious neck injury and how he had to evolve his game specifically to help his Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50.

There were many lighthearted moments when Peyton either stepped away from the podium to describe his first collegiate huddle as well as commenting on his many commercials that he continues to be featured in. My favorite moment came early in the session when he referenced that he owns several Papa Johns franchises and that with the recent changes in Colorado law (do you really need to look this up?) that pizza/snack sales have continued to grow tremendously, so he appreciates all that extra business.

Peyton was also very proud to discuss his PeyBack Foundation, which he set up early in his career to help raise funds for disadvantaged youth to help kids develop leadership skills and help find growth opportunities for children at risk. A large portion of the keynote address revolved around assisting our youth in learning how to best complete in this new and evolving marketplace and yes IT plays a huge part in those efforts. I’m going to do a separate blog on Kids and Education in a few days as I also attended sessions at this event on future “disruptive” technologies as the IT industry is changing so rapidly that we need to start thinking about what our kids need to learn in the coming years so they are not shut out of this new world order that maybe here in a decade or less.

Here is a link on the PeyBack Foundation, so kudos to Peyton and his Team not only being a Two-Time Super Bowl Champion but also being a class act by giving back to his community. Thanks Peyton!!!

Peyton Manning Speaking at CompTIA/Channel Con Below:

Peyton Manning CompTIA

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