We are 1 week away from ITPalooza (www.itpalooza.org) where we are gathering the best in Technology in South Florida to talk to our 2,000 attendees about where they see Tech moving to in the near and long-term future. Now is the time to register at http://www.itpalooza.org to join us to ensure your seat at the biggest Tech Event that we have seen down here in some time plus registered attendees will also receive a chance to “Crack the Vault” and win a Tesla, besides being the coolest car design concept that we have ever seen but also the car that contains the top “Tech” on the road today.

ITPalooza has broken down the top tracks into discussion points featuring Cloud, Security, IoT and in today’s post, I’ll bring up Agile, which DirecLogix will be engaging with Red Hat at our booth in the Exhibit Hall. Agile (or Agility) is generally defined as “The Ability to Change” which if you look at today’s business world (of which Technology is helping drive an enormous amount of innovation) which is constantly evolving. While Agility is a trait that we would want to be very good at, Red Hat defines that term as “Adaptability” which defines the end-state of digital transformation and they consider the only true source of “sustainable” competitive advantage. This becomes a function of where utilizing Middleware will help organizations attain a competitive advantage and where Red Hat JBOSS BPM Suite can make a significant impact across your Lines of Business and many different functions that exists in most companies. Be sure to go to the bottom of this page and download the White Paper on Red Hat JBOSS to learn more.

We will have several different Red Hat Sales and Engineering resources at the DirecLogix booth in the Exhibit Hall at ITPalooza and we welcome you to visit us to see how we can help your organization in terms of Agility as well as Cloud, Virtualization, Storage, Open Source, Management and any other topic of interest to you. Please visit us at ITPalooza or feel free to contact me directly at Glen.Benjamin@DirecLogix.com to schedule time with you to discuss your Technology needs. Thanks!




Click to Download – Red Hat JBOSS Continuous Planning Optimization:


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DirecLogix and Red Hat -Gold Sponsors at ITPalooza – December 8th!

We are now in the final stages getting ready for next week’s (9 days away as I write this) ITPalooza (www.itpalooza.org) event being held at Signature Grand on Thursday December 8th with lots of final details being nailed down for our 2,000 Guests, Partners and Presenters attending this event. Please make sure that you have registered for the event as we have many sessions on technology that will be of interest to Techies here in the South Florida Community plus registered attendees will have a chance to “Crack the Vault” to win a Tesla, how cool would that be right?

A large section of what is going to be presented will be related to “Cloud” (along with IoT, Security, Agile) plus our afternoon Keynote Session presenter will be Amazon Web Services, one of the largest Cloud Providers in the world. The reason for bringing this up is that DirecLogix and Red Hat are participating as Gold Sponsors at ITPalooza and besides being prepared to discuss Open Source Solutions at our table in the Expo Hall, we would also certainly like to discuss how to help you enable Cloud within your organization.

Red Hat offers a platform called CloudForms (along with products geared towards Virtualization, Linux, Storage, Middleware amongst others) which allows for unified management across infrastructures including Private and Public Cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platforms. Red Hat CloudForms provides the capability for IT Operations to have comprehensive management capabilities across multiple Clouds as well as container-based environments including SDN management. For those attending ITPalooza specific to Cloud, this would be a great time to stop by our DirecLogix/Red Hat Booth as well as attend the multiple sessions related to Cloud (see links below) and get an assessment started while we are at the event.

We look forward to seeing you all at ITPalooza but if you can’t make it and want to discuss how we can assist your organization with any of your technology needs, please contact me at Glen.Benjamin@DirecLogix.com. Thanks!

To See the “Cloud” Track at ITPalooza:


To See More on the Amazon Web Services Afternoon Keynote Address at ITPalooza:



Download Data Sheet – Red Hat CloudForms – Click Below


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Enjoy Your Holiday Season and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and your families the wonderful blessings of  Thanksgiving as well as a joyous Seasons Greetings.

Happy Thanksgiving All!


GrowFL, Created by the State of Florida Legislature back in 2009 as an economic development program, recently awarded 50 organizations, including DirecLogix as “2016 Florida Companies to Watch” at a Gala Event at Hard Rock Live in Universal CityWalk Orlando. DirecLogix and the associated other 49 companies were selected by the Edward Lowe Foundation as a unique way to recognize and honor second-stage companies that demonstrate high performance in the marketplace with innovative strategies and processes, making them “worth watching”.

The combined efforts of these companies represented the following incredible metrics including:

  • $421M in Total Annual Revenue in 2015 – 29% YoY Increase over 2014
  • 2171 Full-Time Equivalent Employees – 30% YoY Increase over 2014
  • 719 Net New Jobs Projected for 2016
  • From 2012-2015 These Companies Generated $1.1B in Revenue and Added Nearly 1,200 Employees, a 119% Increase in Revenue and 122% Increase in Jobs
  • Projected Growth for 2016 includes 30% Increase in Revenue and 33% Increase in Employees over 2015
  • Projections for this 5 Year Period is 186% Increase in Revenue and 196% in Employment

DirecLogix and their Team is very proud to receive this prestigious award and would also like to congratulate the other 49 organizations who were also honored at the GrowFL Event along with us. We would also like also like to Thank our Customers and Partners who helped us achieve this great honor and look forward to continuing to work with GrowFL in 2017 and beyond!

Additional Information on the GrowFL Event can be found at http://growfl.com/flctw16/

Additional Information on DirecLogix can be found at www.DirecLogix.com or contact Glen.Benjamin@DirecLogix.com for sales assistance.


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Red Hat – Why CIO’s are Looking at Open Source Solutions

I’m receiving questions from the Tech Community about how Red Hat has been so successful in providing services, so I wanted to share what we have seen in my relatively short tenure here at DirecLogix with some of our joint account opportunities. For those not aware, Red Hat is the leading provider of Open Source solutions which relies on a community-powered approach for virtually most infrastructure services including Linux, Cloud, Virtualization, Middleware, Storage, Business Rules/Automation and Systems Management, amongst several more of their product lines.

Essentially what separates Red Hat from other providers that you might be dealing with is their approach to working with clients with a simpler, flexible purchasing model that is very appealing for those looking to deploy applications without having to deal with Vendor “Lock-In” and utilize a Subscription Model based on OpEx instead of complex CapEx purchases. In a recent Tech Survey it was revealed that 78% of Enterprises are running some form of Open Source software and what makes Red Hat a solid bet in this area is that they make those types of applications including 3rd Party ISV’s and OEM’s “Certified” to operate within the corporate environment, all at a much lower cost than purchasing from Vendors directly. Be sure to download the brochure, “Red Hat – The CIO’s Alternative” at the bottom of this page to learn more about what Red Hat can offer you.

For those looking for a deeper dive into Red Hat and their Open Source solutions, please be sure to visit the DirecLogix booth (Gold Sponsors) at ITPalooza (www.itpalooza.org) on Thursday December 8th at Signature Grand in Ft. Lauderdale where we will have their Sales and Technical Support Team with us to discuss your needs. We will have the “Who’s Who” of South Florida Tech at ITPalooza plus as an added incentive, each attendee will be given a chance to “Crack the Vault” and win a Tesla, so what are you waiting for? Please register today at www.itpalooza.org to get your chance to learn about Red Hat and how DirecLogix will help support your organization’s technology requirements. Please feel free to contact Glen.Benjamin@DirecLogix.com if you want us to set up a meeting at ITPalooza or at your office to do the “Deeper Dive” in person. Thanks!



Download Copy of Red Hat – The CIO’s Alternative Brochure:


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Red Hat and DirecLogix are Gold Sponsors at ITPalooza!

Red Hat and DirecLogix are proud to announce that we are Gold Sponsors at the upcoming ITPalooza event being held at Signature Grand in Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday December 8th. DirecLogix is an Advanced Business Partner of Red Hat and have provided solutions for Enterprise clients all the way down to SMB accounts. Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies.

ITPalooza (www.itpalooza.org) is the largest gathering of the South Florida technology community and is being managed by the South Florida Technology Alliance (www.southfloridatech.org). At ITPalooza you’ll be able to connect with peers and industry experts, attend technology education sessions presented by regional and national subject mater experts on Cloud, Security, IoT and Me all while experiencing the best IT and Technology available in our region. Attendees will also be given an opportunity to win a Tesla during the event, so please register at www.itpalooza.org today!

For those of you not aware, Open Source solutions are driving IT transformation at all levels as confirmed by a recent study that showed:

  • 95% of organizations are leveraging Open Source services for Non-Trivial applications
  • 78% of Enterprises are running Open Source services today
  • 76% of Cloud solutions are built on Open Source services

Red Hat will be sending multiple Sales and Technical resources down to South Florida (remember that this is December right?) in advance to support DirecLogix’s efforts at ITPalooza so we can arrange meetings before the event if needed. We look forward to connecting with existing Red Hat clients that are looking to expand  their footprint within their organization or certainly new accounts that want to experience the power of Red Hat for the first time. Please contact me at Glen.Benjamin@DirecLogix.com so we can arrange an assessment on what your organization requirements are for Linux, Virtualization, Middleware, Mobility, Cloud, Storage or Management Services so we can  custom-tailor a solution for you.

We look forward to seeing you at ITPalooza, here is a link to take you to the DirecLogix and Red Hat page on ITPalooza: http://itpalooza.org/exhibitor/direclogix/

Thank You! Glen


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Today’s Thought

Great words from Reese Lapka!


Experience is the only place where the test is first and then the lesson is given. Do not be discourage by not knowing the answers and feeling like you failed, because with experience you have now studied the lesson and are ready for the test!

There is power in you to change your world and the world!

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Can you believe the irony of last Friday’s DDoS attack happening during National Cybersecurity month? Showcasing the importance of cybersecurity from mass attacks on IoT Devices, the mass outage of many websites on Oct. 21 left individuals and businesses of all sizes stranded without access to major sites. These sites included Twitter, Shopify, Reddit, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, The New York Times, CNN, and more.

In speaking with an old pal in the Data Center Business, Gregg Goldstein, he filled me in not only what his company, IPR International, had to deal with last week but what they are doing with clients on an ongoing basis. Gregg manages IPR’s Global Sales and National Accounts to help insure that their clients are protected 24/7/365 from these types of malicious attacks, which are becoming more and more prevalent not only to individual consumers but all the way up to Enterprise clients.  

For those not aware of what IPR does in terms of Ransomware, here are some of the features offered that they offer in summary: 

Defeating Ransomware:

Eliminate The New Threat to Your Business Uptime – Without Paying Ransom

·   Restore your files in minutes WITHOUT PAYING RANSOM

·   Keep your employees working with no downtime

·   Reduce stress on your IT team

·   Create backups of all your files in real-time

·   Deploy true disaster recovery that eliminates disruption

What is also interesting is that IPR is very much similar to DirecLogix in how we manage our customers as they also offer a “White Glove/Concierge” type of approach to insure customer satisfaction in all things that we deliver to clients.

If you are interested in a no-cost consultation on DDOS/Ransomware or any other Data Center Services including Co-Location and Dedicated Private Cloud, please contact Gregg.Goldstein@iprsecure.com or Glen.Benjamin@DirecLogix.com.


Map of Impacted Areas from DDOS Attacks 10/21/16






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My Visit to the Ingram Micro Solution Center

I recently had the pleasure of attending a top-notch technology event held at Ingram Micro, the world’s largest wholesale distributor of information technology products, which provides thousands of products to businesses across the globe. The event was held at their Solution Center in Buffalo (thankfully the Dolphins salvaged all the bets that I had to make against their passionate Bills faithful I met there) where we taken through many of their featured programs that their Partners (DirecLogix is one of them) are supporting their clients initiatives around Security, Cloud, Mobility and Social to name a few.

The highlight of the event (no, not the Roller Derby Night at Riverworks) had to be the tour of their Solution Center, taking us behind the scenes with how they can help set up a Proof of Concept (POC) with their major providers so they can show you how your specific applications will work with those respective products and solutions that they offer. Manufacturers represented (with a few pictures below) includes Cisco, Dell, HPE, IBM, APC, VMware, Citrix amongst other brands are hosted in this center.

POC’s are not the only services offered as you can also take advantage of these (but not limited to) services such as:

• Live and remote-access product demonstrations
• Manufacturer-sponsored training
• Live, remote training sessions via WebEx
• One-on-one technical briefings
• Proof-of-concepts for current inventory
• Multi-manufacturer environment with integrated solutions
• Online training classes
As you can see, Ingram Micro does bring a lot to the table to help organizations understand how to leverage the latest in technology products and services and our team at DirecLogix is here to help you throughout the entire process including technology acquisition along with deployment as well as helping you manage that infrastructure on an ongoing basis.


Feel free to contact me at Glen.Benjamin@DirecLogix.com so we can help you fine-tune your technology needs and how we can assist your organization. Thanks!


Pictures of Ingram Micro’s Solution Center

The Deep End Miami

Sometimes, it’s easier to not recognize something and consider it to be an unknown than it is to accept an answer that you don’t want to hear.

As a rookie, Ryan Tannehill showed flashes of ability that displayed how wildly far apart his ceiling and floor were. At times he looked to be an incredibly promising passer who could hone his skills and enter the NFL’s top tier of quarterbacks. At others, he looked completely inept.

During Tannehill’s sophomore season, he was clearly progressing in some areas while remaining unfortunately stagnant in others. His physical ability as a passer was improving, while his mental processing of the game remained that of a rookie (leading to plenty of interceptions).

Mike Sherman was fired, allowing the Dolphins to bring in a coach that was well versed in a supposedly complex system that allowed QBs to function at high tempo. Tannehill had his…

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