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Sometimes, it’s easier to not recognize something and consider it to be an unknown than it is to accept an answer that you don’t want to hear.

As a rookie, Ryan Tannehill showed flashes of ability that displayed how wildly far apart his ceiling and floor were. At times he looked to be an incredibly promising passer who could hone his skills and enter the NFL’s top tier of quarterbacks. At others, he looked completely inept.

During Tannehill’s sophomore season, he was clearly progressing in some areas while remaining unfortunately stagnant in others. His physical ability as a passer was improving, while his mental processing of the game remained that of a rookie (leading to plenty of interceptions).

Mike Sherman was fired, allowing the Dolphins to bring in a coach that was well versed in a supposedly complex system that allowed QBs to function at high tempo. Tannehill had his…

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South Florida Technologists!

HP Inc. is hosting a Product Showcase followed by a Poolside Dinner at Hard Rock Hollywood coming up on Thursday October 27th from 5:00pm to 8:30pm featuring the latest in Secure Printing, Managed Print Services plus HP will be introducing the HP Elite X3, a very unique Mobile Platform that you will want to see in person. Additional details are listed below including contact information to RSVP for the event.

Scheduled Topics for this HP Event

Do your networked printers pose risks to your business?

 Office printers can expose networks to security breaches. Come learn how to implement secure printing practices while maintaining your company’s security policies.

This is your personal invitation to join HP on Thursday, October 27, 2016 to learn more about Secure Printing and Managed Print Services. Dinner will be served poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel.

We will also introduce the HP Elite x3 – The world’s first built for business 3-in-1 device, that combines PC power and productivity with premium smartphone capabilities in a sleek and secure device that can dock when you need to work big.

Join other valued HP customers, and learn how to secure your print environment and keep you and your company out of the headlines. Space is limited, so sign up today.


HP Dinner at the Hard Rock

Thursday, October 27, 2016

5:00 pm – 8:30 pm Hard Rock Hotel

1 Seminole Way

Hollywood, FL 33314 Your event hosts are:

Sandra Echeverri:

Frank Weiner

Kevin Burr

Event Agenda

5:00 – 6:00 Product Showcase

6:15 – 7:00 HP Product Presentation

7:00 – 8:30 Poolside Dinner

Questions? E-Mail

RSVP for the Event

Attend the business meeting, and you will be entered for a chance to win an HP Roar Wireless speaker!


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Today’s Thought —

They say that when you die your life passes before your eyes, that is called living! As we all at times experience the loss of our loved ones, we reflect at the many ways they have impacted our lives and recall the many times we were comforted by them. We have two decisions to make […]

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As a reminder we are only about 50 days away from ITPalooza (, which is coming to the Signature Grand on Thursday December 8th. For those not aware, this will be the largest gathering of the South Florida Technology community in 2016 and you will not want to miss this event. We will have the Who’s Who of Technology and IT featuring topics around Cloud, Security, IoT and Me as well as a Hiring Fair. We are also proud to announce that Amazon Web Services and Centrify will be our keynote session speakers plus rumor has it that you just might have a chance to win a Tesla, talk about cool right?

Also the reason for the reminder is that we have a few Sponsorship packages remaining and if you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, now is the time to reach out to me at or any other Board Member at the SFTA ( otherwise there is a good chance that you will be shut out at this event. I have included some additional information on ITPalooza below plus you are welcome to download a Sponsorship Doc at the bottom of the page, but once again, don’t wait to long if you or your company wants to get in front of the South Florida Tech community and help make a difference to our members.

Visit for additional details!

Have a great weekend All!

Why Attend ITPalooza?

Join 2000 of South Florida’s top IT Professionals for a day of learning, networking and sharing.

  • South Florida’s Top Tech Companies show what they’ve got!
  • 2 Prominent Keynote speakers: AWS and Centrify
  • 4 Speaker Tracks: Cloud, Security, IoT, Me
  • Hands-on experience sponsors: Tesla, Virtual Reality
  • Hiring Fair: Make your move

Who Should Attend?

ITPalooza is for Technologists, C-Suite Execs, Decision Makers, Managers, Individual Contributors, Marketing Professional, Bus Dev, Educators and Job Seekers.

ITPalooza is for anyone involved in or interested in emerging technology and IT trends. The event attracts a broad demographic from a wide range of industries including Travel and Tourism, Education, Healthcare, Telecom’s/Datacom’s, Transportation, Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, Construction, Aviation.



Download the ITPalooza Sponsorship Doc Below:


As more of a timing coincidence right after Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti along with parts of Florida, George, Virginia along North and South Carolina, I completed my 2016 certification for Veeam, which offers data backup and recovery services . I did post several blogs leading up to the storm hitting us in the SE last week and luckily for South Florida where we are based, the storm skipped by us but made impact along the coast and caused catastrophic damage along these areas.

Part of what also likely impacted as part of this horrific storm were the vast amounts of data that companies and other organizations store to help drive their businesses. For those of you who had a well thought-out Business Continuity Plan and didn’t lose any of your data, kudos to you first and foremost. For those of you who weren’t able to save, store or worse, recover your data, that is troublesome obviously. Again because I had planned taking this certification well before Matthew hit, the timing is right to simply say that Veeam specializes in several areas that could help you the next time an incident (weather or otherwise) occurs. Their specialties include:

  • Providing RTPO of 15 minutes or less for all applications and data using
  • High Speed Recovery – Enables Low Recovery Time
  • Data Loss Avoidance – Avoids Data Loss with RPO’s of 15 Minutes or Less
  • Verified Recovery – Ensures That Files, Applications and Virtual Servers Can Be Reliably Restored
  • Leveraged Data – Testing of Changes in a Production-Like Environment
  • Complete Visibility – Provides Monitoring and Alerting Tools to your IT Environment

Ultimately what we at DirecLogix can help you with is to understand what you are doing to help reduce the risk of data loss and help you recover what you need when you need it. We can also help you discover other potential problems in your IT environment, so please contact me at so we can plan an assessment for your organization.

For those looking to make contributions to those impacted by Hurricane Matthew, please go to or call 800-RED-CROSS and finally you can text the word MATTHEW to 90999 to make a $10 donation via your mobile device.

Thanks! Glen


Copy of Veeam Sales Professional Certificate


Those of us in South Florida were extremely lucky that according to the weather forecasters, the eye of Matthew was about 30 miles east of the projected “Cone” and had minimal damage to Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, however it is having major impact to Central and North Florida as I release this with potential landfall in Georgia or the Carolinas. Heavy rainfall and storm surge is now imminent for those areas and as we have learned in the past 48+ hours, these storms are totally unpredictable and you need to take heed of the warnings that are being disseminated via TV/Radio/Internet/Social Media as this is one of the most dangerous storms in recent memory.

Speaking of being unpredictable, the latest forecast shows that Matthew may take an “Exit-Stage-Right” after it gets past North Carolina and potentially turning back south and quite possibly head back to the Southern Florida area. I can speak on behalf of the rest of Florida as this is one “Tourist” that we would prefer not return and would rather that he take his business to the cooler waters in the Central  Atlantic where it will hopefully fizzle out. That being said, now is not the time to take your guard completely down, so keep a lookout after the weekend to see where Matthew is headed. Those of you who put up your storm shutters may just want to keep those on until we are given an all clear by the appropriate authorities just to be safe.

For those companies who were able to either test or actually implement their Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plans over the past few days and found potential issues or concerns on how those worked, feel free to contact us at DirecLogix to let us help you assess your BCP/DR plans to ensure that you have the proper services in place to keep your business running. Please let us know what we can help you with any of your Data Center Services including Storage, Backups and Security during this critical time.

Please Be Safe!

954-974-6262 Office

954-560-3974 Mobile

Latest Track for Hurricane Matthew:


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Matthew Arrives and MAY Return!

Sending out this message as Hurricane Matthew gets ready to go onshore somewhere along the coast of eastern Florida so hopefully you have made your final preparations and have either evacuated or are ready to ride this storm out. As we speak this is a Category 3 with potential to grow into a more devastating Category 4, so this is nothing to play with as we are likely to lose power and other utilities (including phone and Internet) so keep your fingers crossed that our emergency teams in Florida will be able to do their best to keep us safe and able to communicate soon.

I’m attaching the latest map showing how this will likely ride up our coast and making landfall somewhere between Palm Beach and Cape Canaveral, so it obviously does not look good for us here. There are some projections that show the storm going near Georgia and South Carolina and then heading east with a potential of turning back SOUTH, which no one can imagine getting hit twice by the same storm and this is one tourist that we don’t want back.

Please be safe and heed the warnings that are continuously being sent by TV/Radio/Internet and if you are not sure what to do, go to your local EMA listed at the bottom of this message to advise where a local shelter is located that you can ride out the storm at.

I’ll keep communicating as we still have connectivity @glenbenjamin or @soflatech and keep those good thoughts and prayers coming folks!




Weather.Com Update:

Florida residents continue to prepare for the possible landfall arrival of Hurricane Matthew, currently a category 3 hurricane that has already caused severe damage to Haiti and the Bahamas earlier this week. The eye of the storm is currently just under 200 miles from the Florida coast, and is expected to gain strength make landfall as a category 4 hurricane late Thursday night or early Friday morning.
Current computer models put Florida’s Palm Beach County at the heaviest point of impact for the impending storm. If Matthew makes landfall, it will be the first hurricane to directly hit the state since Hurricane Wilma in October 2005.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott Wednesday urged Floridians in a press conference yesterday to “prepare now for a direct hit,” though the statement was made before the models more clearly projected such a direct hit on Florida. “If Matthew directly impacts Florida, there will be massive destruction that we haven’t seen in years,” he said. “This storm is going to kill people.”
Weather forecasters and locals news stations used strong language when urging locals to prepare for the storm and remain vigilant.

“Extremely dangerous and life-threatening wind is possible,” wrote the National Weather Service’s Melbourne office in a forecast discussion. “Failure to adequately shelter may result in serious injury, loss of life or immense human suffering.”


Emergency managers in Palm Beach County ordered residents to evacuate barrier islands, mobile home parks and substandard housing Wednesday evening, according to the Palm Beach Post.

“We need to evacuate inland within the county and not go to Georgia or Orlando,” Bill Johnson, director of Palm Beach County emergency management, told the Sun-Sentinel. “We run from the surge. We hide from the wind. We are evacuating people because of surge – not because of wind.”

Mandatory evacuation orders were also in effect for Brevard County’s Merritt Island, barrier islands and low-lying areas, and in St. Johns County, low-lying areas and barrier islands will be ordered to evacuate on Thursday.

Voluntary evacuations are currently in place for parts of numerous other counties; the Florida Division of Emergency Management has a complete list. In total, about 1.5 million Floridians have been ordered or urged to move away from the coast, Scott spokeswoman Jackie Schutz told the Associated Press.

The governor’s office announced Wednesday that all tolls would be lifted on roadways necessary for evacuation, and also announced that state offices would be closed Thursday and Friday in 26 counties expected to bear the brunt of the storm’s fury.

Floridians spent their Wednesday preparing for the storm, including buying wood to board up their homes, preparing their hurricane emergency kit and stocking up on non-perishable food and water. Reports have been circulating about local stores including Lowes and Publix being completely sold out of staples like timber and bottled water. Lines at gas stations around the state have been snaking for blocks since early this morning.

Local school districts around the state have already started canceling school this week. Affected counties include Miami-Dade County, Osceola district schools, Volusia County, Flagler County, Polk County, Seminole County and Palm Beach County, which canceled school Thursday and Friday, and Duval County, which canceled school indefinitely until further notice. Local news channels are keeping full and updated lists.

Moreover, the University of Central Florida Cocoa and Palm Bay campuses will be closed starting Wednesday until further notice. Students should monitor their emails and the school’s Twitter page for updates.

The Florida Coast Guard will close all inlet and Intracoastal Waterway bridges in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties beginning Wednesday night beginning at 8 p.m. until further notice, according to the Boca Raton Police Department. Localities around eastern Florida are prepping for the storm and are preparing to close down all official offices as well.

Evacuation shelters will begin opening on Wednesday afternoon. The full list of shelters as they open will be available here.

Scott also announced the activation of 200 Florida National Guardsmen during a Tuesday press conference. He activated 300 more on Wednesday, and another 6,000 members of the FNG were placed on standby in the event of a large-scale evacuation or response effort after the storm.

According to the Miami Herald, local governments have also checked storm drains, drained canals into the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay and took stock of their shoreline amid expectations of beach erosion, while the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers inspected the Hoover Dike at Lake Okeechobee, where Matthew’s intense winds can create complications.

Fort Lauderdale International Airport will close Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. EDT, officials told the Sun-Sentinel.

No evacuations have been ordered for the city of Miami, but Mayor Carlos Gimenez urged residents to prepare for a hurricane.

“The message is simple,” he told reporters, according to ABC News. “You should be prepared.”

For more updates from emergency management offices, visit:

Your final preparations should be underway as Hurricane Matthew has passed Cuba and may very well be pointed right off the South Florida coast and whether we expect a direct hit or not, we are still going to receive dangerous weather conditions. Based on the 8am advisory, we can expect a Category 3 and possibly a Category 4 with either of those being potentially catastrophic to our area. Now is the time to get those final preparations done and if you have not heeded these warnings to now, here are a couple of sites to keep your eyes on:

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @glenbenjamin plus I’ll be posting updates on behalf the South Florida Technology Alliance @soflatech as long we have power and Internet to keep passing on the latest information. For those to the north of us, keep sending good thoughts and prayers for us and let’s hope for the best in this very difficult time. My Contact Information is below if you want to reach directly.

Be Safe Out There!



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Dolphins vs. Titans October 9th- $60 Group Ticket Offer!

Friends, Family and Followers,

As a Self-Proclaimed Fins Fan, the team has shared with me a Group Ticket Offer that is available for a very limited time for only $60 Per Person, so please don’t wait. Please go to the link below and use the Promo Code “TITANS7” to find seats and pay directly on the website. For any questions, please go to my Fins Friend, Robert Horvitz, for assistance.

#gofins #strongertogether #tnvsmia

Promo Code: TITANS7


Robert Horvitz

Miami Dolphins
Group Sales Account Executive
P: 305-943-1523 F: 305-943-8150

Hard Rock Stadium

347 Don Shula Drive
Miami Gardens, FL 33056 


As a reminder, on Thursday December 8th, ITPalooza returns to South Florida for its 5th Annual Event to be held at the Signature Grand with a bigger and better roster of presenters and participants than ever before. For those not aware, ITPalooza is an annual gathering of South Florida’s nonprofit Technology User Groups (tech groups). Anticipating more than 2,000 registrants, 25 speakers, 100 sponsors and  tech groups from across South Florida. The 5th Annual ITPalooza is primed to deliver unbelievable value to the South Florida Tech community. I’m a Board Member of the South Florida Technology Alliance, who is helping manage ITPalooza, which has raised over $150,000 in total donations and cash since 2012.

I have attached a link at the bottom of this message, which is a flyer calling for sponsorships and there are slots still available, so please contact me at so that we can insure that you are represented at the event. More information is available at and we look forward to seeing you on December 8th!




Download ITPalooza 2016 Sponsorship Flyer at Link Below:



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