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A Strong Fabric: How business partners boost student success

Contact Magazine

If anything defines today’s college students, it’s their goal to graduate with a job, a career-track job. But a good job in a student’s field of interest doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a college curriculum that matches employers’ needs. It also helps if these same employers are involved in developing the job candidates they want to hire.
Luckily, Palm Beach State College students have more than 400 local business partners in their corner.

Business partners play a crucial role in many aspects of the College, but nowhere is their influence more hands-on than in their close working relationships with Palm Beach State’s 100-plus career programs and bachelor’s degrees. These professionals, volunteering as members of the College’s business partnership and program advisory councils, act as external eyes and ears that make the programs better – and better able to support workforce demands.

“Woven into successful programs is a very, very strong fabric of business advisors,” says Rick Reeder, associate dean for Palm Beach State’s…

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Opening General Session | HP® Discover Conference

Kevin Bacon Kicks Off Opening General Session | HP® Discover Conference.

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One of my co-workers, Judy, posted this blog that she calls “Mixed Media Mail Updo, quite fun and entertaining! Thanks Judy!

The Key To My Art

Hey thereI know I know….I’ve been gone for about 3 weeks.  Life/work, once again, gets in my art way.  But no fear, I’m here now.

I’ve beenworking on this video for a few weeks. I finally found the time to finish it.  I started out as a large pamphlet I got in the mail.  I thought it would be neat to alter it with some mixed media magic. Once I finished filming, this sucker was about 45 min long.  So, had to cut it down a little and fast forward a lot.  I put some comments in so you would know what I was doing.   Let me know what you think.

If you have any questions about my process, give me a shout.. glad to help.

Now… enjoy!

Here are some close ups.

IMG_3288    IMG_3289    IMG_3290IMG_3291   IMG_3292

IMG_3293   IMG_3294

If you  live in New England or even Massachusetts, you probably are ready…

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Happy New Year! Mobilitycloud.Me 2012 in Review

It’s been quite a year for me so like most of us who are enjoying the last few hours of solitude before we get to start the 2013 ride, I thought that I would take a minute to recap my year and my blog, Mobilitycloud.Me.

On a personal note, 2012 was a total blast after 2011,which was a bit uneven to say the least. For those who follow me, you might remember me as one of the evangelists for a product once known as the HP TouchPad featuring webOS and how we had such a tremendous product kick-off and all too short a shelf-life of about 6 weeks before HP’s former CEO pulled the plug on us.That left all of us in limbo and in my case, out of a job that I had grown to enjoy but alas it was over before you could say, “Open Sesame”! Well the really good news out of webOS debacle, HP rehired me and this wild ride keeps on going. It’s not often that you get 2 shots with the same company with 2 great job opportunities and in this case, I must admit that I’m truly blessed. My role with HP is as a Partner Business Manager to support one of our largest Partners, Systemax, which consists of their largest subsidiary, TigerDirect, as my primary focus. I get to assist them with what HP calls our Printing Personal Systems product line, which is loaded with options on Desktops, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Monitors, MFP’s/Scanners/Workflow applications and my speciality, Tablets, which are just about to hit the market with HP. I’ll have my Windows 8 HP ElitePad in hand very soon that I’ll be taking on my many road trips to the TigerDirect B2B Sales Centers, so I look forward to keeping the vision of “Mobilitycloud” out in force through TigerDirect’s sales teams.

Due to my extensive travels, I haven’t always kept up with posting relevant information in my Mobilitycloud blog, but I’ll keep reminding myself to do this on a regular basis as I really do enjoy interacting with my friends and followers. You all are welcome to feed me material on hot technology topics anytime, especially if it’s around the conversation of enabling business applications on mobile devices, which now-a-days can be just about anything from a smartphone, Notebooks/Ultrabooks and tablets. The folks at, who host my blog have been kind enough to prepare a summary of what I did in 2012 with Mobilitycloud, so with their help, I’m sharing the summary with you all today.

So this wraps up 2012 and with that, let me wish you and your families a healthy and Happy New Year for 2013!

Thanks! Glen


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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The Palador Team does a great job with this parody on a Christmas Classic on Connectivity. Happy Holidays Guys!


Mobile Only episode 03 christmas carol Just a quick note to wish you all a safe and happy holidays! If you haven’t got the chance to check out the third Mobile-Only episode, ‘A Connectivity Carol’, on the Guardian take a moment for a little holiday humor!

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Thanks to Marlene Bryan for giving a great “Shout Out” for ITPalooza. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make and heard that I missed a bunch of fun stuff. There’s always 12-12-13…


Last week Wednesday, 12/12/12, I had the good fortunate of attending one of the best techie events in South Florida, ITPalooza. It was held at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida. The organizers of this event should be proud of themselves. I was impressed with the advertising of the event, the easy registration process, and the signage that guided me to the parking and to the main event building. The folks working the registration desks were very efficient and friendly.

Best of all I really thought the different workshops and vendors across many different disciplines of the technology world, catered to various background and skills attendees have or know. I was able to have great discussion of upcoming software applications and chat with vendors about network technology, cloud computing and much more. I met lots of new folks in locally and nationally. I also ran into some old colleagues that…

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TigerDirect Elevated DJ Booth

Besides the beautiful weather and culture that many of us take for granted down here in South Florida, one thing for sure that is not getting overlooked is the growing and vibrant Technology Community that is firmly planted in the roots of many companies and organizations in the area. I recently had the privilege of participating in the 1st Annual and Intel Holiday Technology Bash, which I’ll talk about first.

The event was held in the middle of Miami’s Design District at the historic and unique Moore Building and featured 4 floors filled with activities, entertainment, refreshments, celebrities (including Miami Dolphins Reggie Bush and Ryan Tannehill with his wife Lauren and actress Anna Kendrick) and most importantly, the latest in Intel and Windows 8 products. The top providers in the PC business showed off Ultrabooks, convertible Tablets (I’ll give myself a plug in a minute), Desktops, All-In-One Products along with bevy of techie products that would make any Geek salivate. TigerDirect and Intel used this event to help kick-off Windows 8, which was introduced on October 26th as Microsoft’s most important launch in over a decade and they have reported over 40 millions licenses sold in the first month, so W8 is off to a good start.

While we wait for the complete set of pictures and videos from the event, I am attaching a link to a contest that was held that night that TigerDirect called their: “1st annual Regional Charity PC Race” where the participants who put un-assembled PC’s together the fastest received Gift Cards and a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the finals! There are several pictures and a fun video to view from the event in Miami and once I have a complete list of pictures, I’ll publish those, so stay tuned to this Blog Channel!

Link to TigerDirect 1st Annual Regional Charity PC Race from Miami

(Glen Pictured with HP ElitePad Below)

So now back to me for a second as I fortunate enough to be able to present the new HP ElitePad 900 to the attendees, which provided very favorable reviews from those who tried it. What makes the ElitePad a bit different is that it is focused on business usage versus consumer consumption as the device is Military-Spec (Mil-Spec 810G for the Techies) and will run legacy Windows applications without having to covert those apps to make them usable on a typical tablet. The ElitePad will also have a series of “Smart Jackets” that will provide additional features and functionality such as keyboards, increased battery life and ruggedized cases for field workers.  Again we saw dozens of other products from the likes of Samsung, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony and many others so the event was a total hit.

Now let’s talk about an upcoming event set for called IT Palooza, which will have the Who’s Who of South Florida Tech and will be hosting their own Holiday Party on 12/12/12 (think that you can remember the date?) at Nova Southeastern University in Davie. There will be a whole host of activities going on that day, so to quickly summarize, here is what is going on:

  • 8a-8p All Day Hackathon Windows 8 and Window Phone 8
  • 8a-8p Miami Ruby Brigade – Web Programming Challenge
  • 2p-6p Job Opportunities Room
  • 5p-6:30p – South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) Networking Hour
  • 6:30p-7:30p – Keynote and Panel Discussion
  • 7:30p-9p – ITPalooza House Band

Additional information is available at including a list of the break out sessions and other activities along with Free Tickets, so register today and network with the Tech Leaders of South Florida on 12/12/12!

So South Florida are you ready to Tech-Out yet? This is the place to be so don’t get left out and be sure to get involved with organizations like TigerDirect and IT Palooza as they are helping create the path that many of us want to be on!

“Build Your Own PC” Contest at TigerDirect Technology Bash

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Benjamin Robbins does a great job describing Bitzer Mobile, who offers a different “twist” on MDM and BYOD which CIO’s and IT Directors should listen to as they can securelly “wrap” your Enterprise Applications in a container to protect your infrastructure.


Greenfield and enterprise do not usually go hand-in-hand. Enterprises have spent years, if not decades, building up systems, processes, and the applications to support those endeavors. The introduction of mobile shouldn’t throw a major wrench into those systems. Unfortunately, for many organizations mobility represents either an add-on to existing enterprise systems or severely feature-reduced tool. Bitzer Mobile’s Enterprise Application Mobility solution provides a way for enterprises to fully leverage mobility and their existing technology infrastructure.

Bitzer’s Enterprise Application Mobility (BEAM) solution is comprised of three main components, a secure container on the device, a gateway server, and an admin console. These three components working in concert provide a unique approach to enterprise mobility.

The secure container is achieved through app wrapping, Wrapping an app consists of adding a layer of code around an existing mobile app after it is compiled, but before it is signed with an enterprises own distribution…

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Powerless New Yorkers Find Creative Ways to Charge Gadgets

As someone who recently spent 2 hours in line to participate in “Early Voting“, I really have no room to complain as our friends (and in many cases our family) are struggling to get power back into their homes and businesses in the Northeast. Leave it up to these industrious New Yorker’s to remain connected by “borrowing” their neighbors power outlets and wide open WiFi connections so that they can remain mobile and connected during the recovery from Super Storm Sandy. I’m sure these lines are 1,000 times more frustrating than the Early Voting line I sat through, but at least they didn’t have to hear the local commissioners or sheriffs ask for their vote while we stood in these unbearably long lines to perform our civic duty.

Undoubtedly the manufacturers who sell solar-powered battery chargers will be getting a zillion of these products up to the NE (if they haven’t done it already) so our friends won’t have to stand in line to charge their phones or tablets and instead can go stand in line Tuesday to vote on Election Day so they have to bear the waiting like the rest of the country. How’s about a big Shout-Out for Electronic Election Day that would allow us all to securely and safely vote for our next set of elected officials and help prevent more of these never-ending lines. Now that’s something I would vote for today, ahh but wait, I would have to stand in line to actually vote for that, so maybe next time!

On a serious note, please be sure to sure to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy who really need our help by visiting the American Red Cross at this link  or Texting to REDCROSS to 90999 for a $10 Donation.

Let’s Go Mobile Safely and help our friends up North!

Article and Pictures of New Yorker’s Finding Power to Charge Their Gadgets

Powerless New Yorkers Find Creative Ways to Charge Gadgets

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power for most New Yorkers below 39th Street. But an outage didn’t deter those iPhone-Android-clenchers and Wi-Fi-seeking nomads. Many people trekked uptown to (creatively) make use of power sources.

Chase ATMs were crammed full of people who brought extension cords. And, conveniently, Starbucks left its Wi-Fi open despite closing all of its stores.

Here’s how New Yorkers went all MacGyver to get the juice for their phones and a reliable Wi-Fi signal.

Forget the ATM, This Bank Has Outlets

“We’re helpless without our phones! More people congregating over FREE POWER in the wake of Sandy. Chase was kind enough to offer multiple power strips in the ATM area.” – ginanigido

Not 1995

“Payphones occupied.” – vmegatrn

Chips and a Charge

“Right now I’m in the corner store charging my phone because I still have no power.” – myswag_khalil

iPhone Cords Spill Onto the Floor

“#TheEndIsHere” – danehurt

Truly Genius

“#NOPOWER but Thank god to my daddy’s work #van. ..WE GOT T.V and #changing [sic] #outlets.” – stephdarwiche

Chase Bank Is Literally the Hot Spot

“Party at Chase! B.Y.O.SurgeProtector! #NoPower #LowerManhattan #Sandy.” – tifftheabstract

Plug-In Pow-Wow at the Chase

“Determination.” – AmandaWills

Bar Is Open for Charge

via jenniferdopazo

Closed for Business, Open for Wi-Fi

“Every Starbucks I’ve seen is closed, but completely flanked by people. Why? It’s still the best WiFi in NYC.” – rembertmanx

Forget Caffeine, We Need the Net

“Starbucks is closed but their wifi is up.” – scottkolb

BONUS: We Commend You, Grill Master

via ovaska

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